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Welcome to vampire_itest, a Livejournal icontest community centered around, well, vampires. There will be weekly icon challenges for members to participate in.

If there is ever anything wrong, questions and etc. Feel free to notify one of the maintainers. We want this community to be fun, and to keep people satisfied.

Maintainer: contradictz - AIM

Banner Makers:
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Please comment here if you would like to help out.

1. Only members may participate in the challenges and voting.

2. If you want to use somebody's icon, comment on a post and one of the mod's will tell you who that icon belongs to. Try not to ask, until that week's contest is over. Don't forget to credit.

3. The only people who need posting access are Maintainers and Banner Makers. Do not ask for posting access.

4. Each week winners will consist of First, Second & Third place; and sometimes a Mod's choice.

That is all.

A new theme will be posted every Friday night, after the voting post has been posted. You will then have one week to create your icons for the contest.

1. Each member may submit one icon per theme, unless otherwise stated. They must be Vampire and theme related.

2. Icons must be 100x100 & 40kb or less. They must fit the LJ guidelines.

3. The icons must be newly made for each contest. Please don't post them anywhere else, until after the winners have been decided.

4. No discrimination against other people's icons. Nobody's icons 'suck'.

5. Icons should be submitted like thus:

Banners: yes/no

Resources List for Images/caps

1. Voting posts will be up Friday night, or Saturday morning latest.

2. Place your votes in the form of a screened comment in the voting post.

3. Vote for no more than the specified number of icons. If you vote for more, your vote will be discarded.

4. Do not vote for yourself.

5. Voting will be between Friday Night/Saturday Morning and Sunday Night/Monday Morning. You have 48 hours to vote, at which times the winners will be announced and the banners will be made.

Suggest a theme
Resources List

Challenge #01; Blood - thebodyred
Challenge #02; Scarred - thebodyred
Challenge #03; Time - thebodyred
Challenge #04; Anger - mysticalluna
Challenge #05; Pairs - cheshire_smile
Challenge #06; Red - thebodyred
Challenge #07; Hurt - kizzmon
Challenge #08; S - sxcofyncoktals
Challenge #09; Lyrical - dante_the_mouse
Challenge #10; Love - roostersgrrl
Challenge #11; Obsession - waybeyondempty_
Challenge #12; Power - roostersgrrl
Challenge #13; Hope - madxark
Challenge #14; Surprise - eternalphoenix_
Challenge #15; Underworld Caps - beeej
Challenge #16; Hiatus: Free Choice - madxark
Challenge #17; Minor Characters - kizzmon
Challenge #18; Hold - eternalphoenix_
Challenge #19; Pain - stepinsidelove
Challenge #20; One Word - eternalphoenix_
Challenge #21; IWTV - jackzter
Challenge #22; Unforgiving - zeraphita
Challenge #23; Textless - beeej
Challenge #24; Haunt - mizmolko
Challenge #25; Feed - zeraphita
Challenge #26; Fangs - sweet_machete
Challenge #27; Joke - stepinsidelove
Challenge #28; Males - sweet_machete
Challenge #29; Alive - stepinsidelove
Challenge #30; Change - selena__wolf
Challenge #31; Style - sweet_machete
Challenge #32; Orange - selena__wolf
Challenge #33; Hatred - el_snoozlepoof
Challenge #34; B - scarletcurls
Challenge #35; Life - kizzmon
Challenge #36; Eyes - janipanda
Challenge #37; Pride - janipanda
Challenge #38; Rivalry - sweet_machete
Challenge #39; Hero - sweet_machete, selena__wolf
Challenge #40; Faceless - kizzmon
Challenge #41; Favourite - deedee26
Challenge #42; Song Title - bite_me_cold
Challenge #43; Corruption - veeteenese
Challenge #44; Charm - selena__wolf
Challenge #45; Females - sweet_machete, sweetrosedragon
Challenge #46; Legs/Feet - stepinsidelove
Challenge #47; Icon-Pairs - sweetrosedragon
Challenge #48; Antagonist - deedee26
Challenge #49; Monochromatic - deedee26
Challenge #50; Smile - deedee26
Challenge #51; Freedom - maniac_aly
Challenge #52; Dracula - maniac_aly
Challenge #53; Numbers - maniac_aly
Challenge #54; Free Choice - maniac_aly
Challenge #55; IWTV Caps - fiendxangelical
Challenge #56; Lost - lucifers_toy
Challenge #57; Christmas - sweetrosedragon
Challenge #58; Pre-loved - xperfectlysane
Challenge #59; Lost Boys Images - batlev
Challenge #60; Hands/Arms - fiendxangelical
Challenge #61; Silhouette - veeteenese
Challenge #62; Colorization - [Unknown LJ tag]
Challenge #63; Just a taste - [Unknown LJ tag]

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